General Instructions on How to Use

the Cornerstone Web Site.

Cornerstone Properties, Inc. Web Site: Front Page Organization.

The new web site is organized into six (6) public sections and one (1) private or secure section. Basically all the rectangular buttons below represent the public section. The below pictured graphics represent the current Cornerstone Properties, Inc. front page internet web site (1/99) as it will appear when you log onto the internet and launch this front page with the following internet address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator):

Figure 1: Cornerstone Properties, Inc. Front Page

Recommended Web Browser Software

The software we recommend is Internet Explorer version 8 (or higher). With this software installed on your computer, photos and graphics will print better and user ids and passwords needed to access the private section will be authenticated and read faster by the NT computer workstation at corporate offices. If you have not already set the preferences on your web browser software (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) so that it will start your internet session on the Cornerstone Properties, Inc. front page, please contact the IS Department at Cornerstone to find out how to do this. The contact number is 317-574-4700.

Cornerstone Properties, Inc. Web Site:
General Navigation Points to Remember

The new web site at its most basic level, has more graphics and pages than its earlier sturdy predecessor. As we grow our company’s web site this trend will continue. The pages are linked together with text hyperlinks, indicated as blue underlined text areas or hot linked graphics. When you move your mouse over a hyperlink, whether it is text or a hot linked graphic, the standard mouse pointer will change to a hand icon. For each instance where a hyperlink is clicked on, you will "launch" or "start" a new page.

Please note: (After you have visited a web page, the text hyperlink you clicked on may turn a different color.)

Most of the graphics or clip art illustrations on the Cornerstone Properties, Inc. web site contain hyperlinks to pages, so feel free to use the graphics to go to a new page by clicking on them with your mouse button, alternatively you may use the corresponding text. Graphics which have been hot linked to pages do not change color after you have clicked on them, but text hyperlinks do.


The Public Section Defined:

The function of the public section is to acquaint the public at large with our company, the properties, employment opportunities, and to allow an internet visitor a way to communicate with Cornerstone via email, mail, phone, TDD, or fax. There is an interactive form on the public component, which allows a guest/visitor from the internet to send us information about their interests/needs. Additionally, there is a search feature which allows the visitor to search from among the public pages.


The public sections of The Cornerstone Properties, Inc. web site are ordered from the front page as follows:


Figure 2: Cornerstone Properties, Inc. company information screen/page


This section contains information from our printed brochure, and allows an internet visitor to learn all about Cornerstone Properties, Inc. (CPI) from the business perspective, with the following key points: CPI Mission Statement, Company Overview, Management Information Systems, Framework of Excellence, and List of Properties.



Figure 3: Cornerstone Properties, Inc. property portfolio screen.

This section contains information about Cornerstone’s properties, and allows an internet visitor to either click on the United States map, select a state, or go directly to a property as shown in Figure 3. On each individual property page, the visitor can learn about the units, type of property, and other property information.


Many of the property and resident managers have contributed to the written portion of these pages, the photograph selections, and the editing of the pages, so this will be review for some. Each resident manager should evaluate what is on their page for their property (properties) and as needed, supply the IS Department with updated information on:

Section 3: What's New


Figure 4: Cornerstone Properties, Inc. What's New Screen

This section contains information about developments within Cornerstone Properties, such as important events, activities, and investments. Check this section frequently to see how the company is being represented in publications.



Section 4: Cornerstone Employment Opportunities

Figure 5: Employment Opportunities Screen

This section contains information about our company's positions at both the property site and home office level. Listed in this section will be employment positions available within:

To attract visitors to apply for employment positions online, there is basic information about our benefits package and an employment form can be filled out over the internet and sent directly via email to the Cornerstone Properties, Inc. corporate office in Carmel.

Property Managers and other Cornerstone managerial staff can collect internet form responses via email and utilize this information to help them fill employment positions. This portion of the site will help us to recruit from the internet, in addition to other traditional advertising sources. Please notify your Regional Property Manager to let us know when you have a position which you would like for us to post on the internet web site. We can handle your written requests to be included on the internet via email, fax, or mail, whichever is most convenient submission choice for your property.

This screen is no longer active.  Call 317-574-4700 to contact Cornerstone Properties.

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