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The security of Cornerstone’s computers and data is everyone’s responsibility. The following outlines procedures to follow whenever computer hardware, software, or networks owned by Cornerstone Properties, Inc. are used. Since all possible scenarios cannot be covered in a brief policy statement, contact Cornerstone's System Administrator ( with specific questions that are not addressed in this document. In general, if any action that will reflect poorly on Cornerstone, will disrupt another’s work, or is illegal, it is prohibited.

Computer hardware provided by Cornerstone Properties is to be used only for the business purposes of Cornerstone Properties.

Computer equipment should not leave the premises unless authorized.

PC’s should be turned off when employees leave at night (if the employee will not be connecting to the computer from home). This will make it difficult for someone else to access the network through an individual’s computer.

A screen saver with a password should be used if your PC will be on and unattended for an extended period of time.

Computer software provided by Cornerstone Properties is intended for use at the office unless noted otherwise. Software should not leave the premises unless it is authorized.

Making unauthorized copies of most software packages ("pirating") is illegal. Pirated software should not be brought on to the premises.

Employees should not install any software on their PC, laptop, or network system. If new software is required to perform a job, the IS department is to install it.

Some employees work at home and exchange computer files between work and home PC’s. Computer viruses can be spread through the use of infected floppy disks. In addition, Microsoft Word and Excel files can be contaminated by computer viruses. If possible, home computers and floppy disks should be scanned for viruses to prevent the spread of computer viruses.

E-mail is a convenient tool for exchanging information with others. It also provides a convenient way to keep permanent copies of transactions. However, keeping unnecessary e-mail messages can create space limitations on the network. E-mail with attachments (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, pictures, etc.) takes up even more disk space. All necessary e-mail messages should be kept, but any e-mail messages that are outdated or unnecessary should be deleted.

It is unlikely, but e-mail messages can be intercepted and read by people other than the intended recipient. Caution should be used if confidential information is being sent electronically. If necessary, confidential information can be sent in password protected encrypted file attachments.

If e-mail is received from an unknown source with attached files or links to websites, be extremely cautions. The IS department should be notified to review suspect messages. These types of files may harbor viruses. The same caution should be used with attached Word and Excel files since these files can also contain viruses.

The Internet contains a wealth of information, but it also contains a multitude of distractions that can waste a great deal of time. Additionally, downloaded files could pose a threat to the computer systems and data at Cornerstone. This service is to be used judiciously.

Files from the Internet are not to be downloaded without approval from the IS department. Although there are many respectable sites that contain safe and useful information, there is a risk of downloading harmful files onto the corporate network.

Viewing or downloading objectionable material (violent, pornographic, etc.) is prohibited.

Passwords protect each employee’s privacy and the company’s data. These suggestions with regard to passwords are offered:


Note: Certain applications on the system make it possible to monitor user activity. The primary functions of these applications are for network security and performance. However, user actions are also recorded during their use. Employees should act accordingly.

Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in disciplinary action.

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